Let's make this forum "Techeles Central"!

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I suggest each member bring a friend. 

He doesn't have to be a supporter, as long as the topic interests him.

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We also need to have an agreed way to spell techeiles. 
  • You wrote "Techeles"
  • Our partner is Ptil Tekhelet
  • The Facebook group spells it "Techeiles
This forum is Techeiles Discussion and the URL is https://forum.techeiles.org, so I think that spelling wins.

I brought someone to the group already. There are currently 18 members with one obvious duplicate.
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Username: Mr. Genugshoin
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I agree. If more people would spell it "techeiles", we would probably have a lot more Yidden fulfilling the mitzva (mitzvah? mitzvoh? mitzvo? mitsvoh?). 
Much room is left for education on this vital subject.
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Chag Kasher VeSameach everyone!
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